Kansas City Globe endorses Carl Brewer

K.C. Globe's Endorsement: Carl Brewer for Governor

Democrat Carl Brewer's potential for making history to become Kansas' first African-American governor is strong. However, we are not endorsing him because of his race, but because as a former two term mayor of Wichita, Kan., he has proven leadership skills, he is well-liked and respected and has demonstrated he can bring diverse groups of people together in order to get things done. Among many other successes, his track record of "revitalizing the largest economy in the state despite the Great Recession" is impressive. We believe now is the right time for Kansans to elect such a proven leader.

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Carl Brewer counts on inclusive approach, experience as mayor to woo voters

Brewer, a former Wichita mayor, began his campaign on Feb. 20, 2017, exactly one month after Trump became president. He recounted coming home from work each day and listening to his wife, Cathy, tell him what Trump or Brownback had done that day.

“She said, ‘Something has to happen,’” Brewer said. “I said, ‘Well, Cathy, these are the only choices we have.’ And she said, ‘Are you planning on running?’

“So I was in the race.”

Now he may make history.

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Kelly Voted for Kobach's Voter ID law

Butler Co. News: Carl Runs on Record of Leadership

Carl Brewer announces former Gardner Mayor and Johnson County Democratic Vice-Chair Chris Morrow as running mate

Carl Brewer announces Chris Morrow as his running mate. Morrow is the former Mayor and City Council member from Gardner Kansas, and a United States Navy veteran. Morrow is a proven leader with a track record of achievement in Gardner and his selection establishes the Brewer-Morrow ticket as the true-blue progressive option for Democrats and Kansas voters in the 2018 primary and general election. Both members of the ticket are lifelong Democrats and they represent the values of residents across our great state.

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Tuesday Announcement for Brewer Campaign

On Tuesday, May 22nd a major announcement will be made regarding Carl Brewer's run for Kansas Governor. Members of the media and public are invited to join the campaign as they first make the announcement in front of the newly unveiled Brown vs. Board of Education mural on the 3rd floor of the state capital.
"This is a major milestone in this historic campaign," said Democratic frontrunner Carl Brewer. "We continue working to show Kansans across the state that they will have a choice this election day to vote for a leader that will work to get Kansas back on track. I am excited to announce a running mate that shares my values of listening to all Kansans and getting the job done.”

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Carl Brewer Announces Latinos for Brewer Coalition

Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer announced the launch of a Latinos for Brewer Coalition Monday in support of his campaign for Kansas governor. The group will work to reach out to voters in the Latino community and give a voice to a growing population in Kansas.

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Brewer Continues to Lead in New Docking Inst. Poll Among Democrats, Republicans & Independents

A new non-partisan poll out Friday shows Carl Brewer with the highest rating for name recognition among Democratic candidates for the 3rd straight survey in a row. The Fort Hays State University “Kansas Speaks” poll showed that 38.4% of respondents recognized Brewer’s name. He was 5.5 percentage points ahead of Rep. Jim Ward, 14 percentage points ahead of Senator Laura Kelly and 18.4 percentage points ahead of Josh Swaty in name identification. The poll was conducted March 19th – April 2nd, 2018.

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Carl Brewer: It is Time to Legalize and Tax the Production and Sale of Medical Marijuana

Currently, 29 other states have legalized the production and sale of medicinal marijuana. This is a majority, not just a West Coast trend.  These states include our neighbors New Mexico, Arkansas and Colorado. It is time for Kansas to do the same. We cannot afford to ignore this source of new tax revenue.  We should also put it on the ballot for our citizens to decide whether to legalize the production, sale and possession of marijuana for personal use.

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Op-Ed: Kansans deserve responsible laws for our firearms

When I first joined the Kansas Army National Guard at age 20, I was trained to safely use different kinds of high-powered, automatic weapons. Years later as a Sergeant and Captain in the Reserves, I trained hundreds of our soldiers to use these powerful weapons. Our military has the most advanced firearms in the world, but I know how easily they can be misused or accidentally discharged, and how fast they can be fired with devastating results.

Our country has witnessed all too frequently the use of military-style weapons to maim, murder and destroy innocent life. This nation must have a national conversation now that objectively analyzes how to reduce the lethality of the weapons used, and the frequency of these massacres. Guns don’t kill people, but they make it real easy, especially when untrained and unvetted citizens can legally acquire them, buy large capacity, bullet-feeding devices such as banana clips and drum magazines, attach a bump stock, and commence fighting a war in our neighborhood schools, businesses (such as at Excel in Hesston), and places of worship.

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