Meet & Greet - Carl & his running mate!

Join Team Brewer along a 2-day tour following the announcement of Carl's running mate.

Tuesday, May 22
8:30am Press Conference at new Brown v. Board of Education mural, 3rd floor inside the State Capitol, Topeka, KS
10:30am Meet & Greet at Breit’s Stein & Deli, 412 N. 5th St., Kansas City, KS
12:00pm Meet & Greet at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center (room A), 6200 Martway St., Mission, KS
4:00pm Meet & Greet at the Brewer Campaign HQ, 4910 E. 21st St. North, Wichita, KS

Wednesday, May 23
11:30am Meet & Greet at 335 Washington, Suite 125, Hutchinson, KS
1:15pm Meet & Greet at Ad Astra Books & Coffeeshop, 141 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, KS
5:00pm Meet & Greet at the Leavenworth Public Library (Jahn room), 417 Spruce St., Leavenworth, KS
7:00pm Meet & Greet at the Carnegie Building (Heritage room), 200 W. 9th St., Lawrence, KS

May 23, 2018 at 11:30am - 12pm