Kansas City Globe endorses Carl Brewer

K.C. Globe's Endorsement: Carl Brewer for Governor

Democrat Carl Brewer's potential for making history to become Kansas' first African-American governor is strong. However, we are not endorsing him because of his race, but because as a former two term mayor of Wichita, Kan., he has proven leadership skills, he is well-liked and respected and has demonstrated he can bring diverse groups of people together in order to get things done. Among many other successes, his track record of "revitalizing the largest economy in the state despite the Great Recession" is impressive. We believe now is the right time for Kansans to elect such a proven leader.

And, YES, KANSANS CAN MAKE HISTORY and elect Democrat Carl Brewer in the Primary Election so he can advance to the General Election in November. Do not stay home. Too much is at stake. Kansans can vote early or on Tuesday, Aug. 7.