Carl Brewer Proves He's the Candidate to Beat in KC Star Forum

By: Brewer for Kansas | Ron Holt, Treasurer

Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer proved why he is the best candidate for governor at last night’s Kansas City Star forum.

Carl hit the nail on the head when he criticized the privatization of Medicaid in Kansas for its lack of transparency and failure to provide critical heath services.

“When you privatize it, then it becomes a business,” Carl said. “And it’s not about the healthcare you’re actually receiving, it’s what that profit margin is for those individuals.”

Carl also stressed the need to make the best education possible a priority for our children.

“I believe that children and education are the driving factor on whether communities grow. From being a former mayor, I have learned that when businesses decide that they want to come to a particular community, to a state, the things that they look at first is: 1. is there a skilled workforce available; 2. what is the longevity of that skilled workforce,” Carl said.

“What are the schools like,” Carl continued. “If they’re bad, if you don’t have it, and you’re not competitive, they’re not coming to your communities. Those good jobs you’re looking for are not going to come there no matter what you offer them.” 

Carl stressed both in his two terms as mayor of the largest economy in the state and from his time as an executive in the aviation industry, he has the experience the next governor needs help expand trade for Kansas businesses beyond our borders to bring high quality jobs to grow our economy. 

“I come from corporate America and have been able to make jobs, new jobs, diversifying the types of jobs, going and exporting our good outside the country to sell to somebody else so we could create more jobs here,” said Brewer.

Carl said that when he becomes Governor, priorities for success would include:

  1. Establishing policies that require transparency and accountability 

  2. Creating a zero tolerance sexual harassment policy with investigations independent of political influence

  3. Maintaining an independent audit so citizens know how tax payer dollars are being used.

Please join Carl today to make sure Brownback’s policies never see the light of day again. Let’s work together to get Kansas back on track!