Carl Brewer Announces Latinos for Brewer Coalition

Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer announced the launch of a Latinos for Brewer Coalition Monday in support of his campaign for Kansas governor. The group will work to reach out to voters in the Latino community and give a voice to a growing population in Kansas.

Abel Perez, the chair of the Latinos for Brewer Coalition, made the following statement in support of Carl Brewer for Governor:

“Carl Brewer is a fair and professional individual who cares about Kansas and its vast community. I have worked with Mr. Brewer for several years and find him to be fair, understanding, and we'll respected by many.

During my past experience while at the State Department of Commerce and as Director of the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (WHCC), it was a true honor to work side by side with Mr. Brewer as he led the City of Wichita in the role of Mayor. His vision and support for the WHCC uplifted the chamber’s mission and its goals. I believe our great State of Kansas needs a leader such as Mr. Brewer. I am confident he will listen, support and lead this state to a better tomorrow.”

Carl has a record of addressing concerns from the Latino community during his time on the Wichita city council and as mayor of Wichita. During his time as U.S. President, Barack Obama appointed Carl to an immigration task force. Carl supports the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

Latinos for Brewer Coalition

  • Abel Perez
  • Cynthia Martinez
  • SFC Ric Moreno (Ret.)
  • Ryan Flores
  • Hiram Reyes
  • Diana Salazar
  • Dorian Soto
  • China Alberto
  • Eddie Sandoval
  • Mario Quiroz
  • Jozie Caudillo
  • Theresa Cruiser
  • Jason Perez
  • Alicia Sanchez
  • Vendola Smith
  • Lucinda Contreras
  • Robert Chavez Jr.