Brewer Continues to Lead in New Docking Inst. Poll Among Democrats, Republicans & Independents

A new non-partisan poll out Friday shows Carl Brewer with the highest rating for name recognition among Democratic candidates for the 3rd straight survey in a row. The Fort Hays State University “Kansas Speaks” poll showed that 38.4% of respondents recognized Brewer’s name. He was 5.5 percentage points ahead of Rep. Jim Ward, 14 percentage points ahead of Senator Laura Kelly and 18.4 percentage points ahead of Josh Swaty in name identification. The poll was conducted March 19th – April 2nd, 2018.

The Fort Hays poll also put Brewer, Kelly and Swaty in the top rating of candidates that were viewed as either “highly positive” or “somewhat positive” within the margin of error. Ward trailed Brewer by 11 percentage points.
What is notable in this poll is that while Carl Brewer unsurprisingly led the Democratic field in support from respondents that identified as “Strong Democrat” and “Not Very Strong Democrat”, he also received better ratings than Republican candidates from those who identified as “Independents” and “Not Very Strong Republican”. This data makes clear that Brewer is the only candidate for Governor that leads in support from Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans. Carl Brewer is the best candidate to beat Kris Kobach or Jeff Colyer in the general election.
This poll is in stark contrast to the push poll that was recently conducted by Rep. Jim Ward that failed to even allow people the option to select the frontrunner Carl Brewer. Ward’s push poll is misleading and an attempt to manipulate voters by conducting and releasing a poll without the frontrunner as an option. Kansans deserve better from their next governor. We need a leader who is going to be honest with Kansas voters.
This is the 3rd straight Docking Institute poll to confirm that Kansans agree. The time has come to unify around Carl Brewer to go head-to-head with the Republican nominee. Donate today to the only candidate who has the leadership experience and support from voters of all political backgrounds. It's time to take back our state and set Kansas up for a bright future.